The car cleaning in the glass coating polymer specialist shop [Takehana] is visiting work from Saitama to Tokyo,Chiba,and Kanagawa.

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[ name of the company ]   Limited company [ Car Cleaning Takehana ]
[ address ]   3-20-16, Sakuracho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama, 334-0001, Japan
    tel:048-281-9112   fax:048-281-9113
[ representative ]   representative director Teruyuki Takehana
The establishment has 32 years experience and have a good performance.

Cleaning of various dirt in car Request etc. that emergency, Please inquire about anything.

Our thirteen of staff, correspond immediately.
[ free dial ]   TEL:0120-911-594
[ information of business ]

*Because the telephone is received also outside business hours Please feel free to inquire.
[ way to payment ]   We can accept a cash payment for every accomplished visit work trip with business.
[ out of duty ]   National holiday and regular holiday
[ business activities ]   ■Automobile cleaning
  Automobile body coating
  A car engine cleaning
[ main trader and client ]

... etc




free dial 0120-911-594


 Car cleaning of specialty shop to visit work main area was Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa.
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